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My project

I create magic using Artificial Intelligence and I’m making papers disappear, playing with digitalization.

Moin, my name is Stefan Tecuceanu and I’m the CEO of Meetplace GmbH. The Meetplace GmbH deals with artificial intelligence and offers solutions for example for the following problems:

For Michael and Sophie we have the perfect solution. The Meetplace Manager, the newly reinvented digitized office of the future.

The Meetplace Manager combines the power of multiple artificial intelligence systems and provides the appropriate solution.

Michael works at Found GmbH and wastes 1-2 hours a day searching, classifying and forwarding information, files and documents.Like Michael, many people has just the same problems according to a study of the Kyocera from 2018.

Sophie wants to lead her company into the digitization age, but she has no strategy and no suitable applications for it. And then comes the EU regulation, which throws your plan off the rails.Like Sophie, 75% of SMEs are suffering, according to a study by KFW.

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What can I do for you?

Managing Partner & AI System Expert at MeetPlace Corporate (Makro-Mikro GmbH, MeetPlace: AI, CLOUD),

Java Programmer, System Architect, Trainer

I Coach

If you’re looking for a coach for your company, in order to maximize efficiency and migrate to digitization, I am the person you are looking for

I Speak.

I am a speaker at events that have as topic the Artificial Intelligence, presenting the advantages of digitizing and using Artificial Intelligence.

I Teach.

Whether you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence, whether you want to specialize your employees, I can teach thematic courses at your company’s headquarters.

Need advice?

My experience and qualities can give you the ideal solution to take a step forward in the future, both you and your company.

Schedule a 1: 1 meeting to discuss customized activity niche and your needs and together we will create the strategy.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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